A micro site (also called as a mini site) is a separate page of a website that has a separate URL than its home page and is used to provide information about and/or promote something that is related to the home page. For example, an interior decorator’s Website may have a link to a microsite with information about a special exhibition the firm is running, or a steel tube manufacturer may create a microsite to give the user information about a new product design. Microsites often are temporary websites that are removed from Web serversonce the promotion is over or the information is no longer relevant.
A microsite has the power to highlight a product, launch a promotion, or augment a marketing campaign in a way that full websites or more traditional marketing cannot. The single or small collection of pages these sites consist of is meant to engage user interaction while conveying information in a creative way. It can generate new leads for your business and create interest in your brand and website.

Benefits of a Microsite

Unique Address of a Microsite

Every micro site is actually its own website; therefore it has its own one of a kind URL.  With a unique address that one can easily remember, people can find your product and service fast and easily.

A Focused Path

Compared to a larger website, a micro site provides a more focused and clearer presentation of your specific brand of product. No distraction from other products equals higher and faster buyer ratings.

Efficient Email Campaign

E-mailing is fast becoming the world’s leading means of communication. Microsites take advantage of this fact to connect with majority of online users.

Increased Public Interest

It is no doubt that micro sites are natural audience grabbers. As it acts like several little homepages, micro sites give you more opportunities to attract audiences.

Less Overcrowded Homepages

Because of micro sites, your homepage is safe from overcrowding and online congestion.

Cost Efficient

It takes a shorter time to create one and easier to manage given that it is usually run by a single program like Flash player or just a few videos and animations, sometimes images are all you need.