Mobile Site

A mobile site refers to the use of internet services from handheld mobile devices, such as smartphones or feature, through a mobile or other wireless network.A mobile website is a separate version of your desktop website and it is designed to be used exclusively on smartphone devices. Typically, the mobile version includes a limited number of the many pages that are displayed on your desktop version. However, it will include a link to your full desktop website so that visitors have the option to find additional information.

Features of Mobile Site

Rendering Experience
A mobile site is a copy of your website, where the server does the work to deliver an optimized page that’s smaller and easier to navigate. The solution can really customize a unique experience for mobile users. A good choice when it might be too expensive to redesign responsively.
Domain Protection
With a mobile site, you must create a different domain (many companies choose to differentiate theirs by “”). This can dilute domain and hurt organic search traffic. This also adds to website management because you have to maintain two separate set of content.
Link Equity
Because a mobile site uses a separate domain, links shared from mobile browsers will not count as search link equity toward your primary site.Future-Ready
Re-working of a mobile site might be needed in order to stay current with next-generation phones and mobile browsers. This could require higher maintenance and expense.